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Sorin Toma, a hard-headed prosecutor working for the Romanian CNSAS, the organization meant to bring to justice the former members of the Communist Secret Police, receives an apprentice whom he’s trying to walk through the depths of an emotionally challenged and insalubrious job. But as both of them are approaching the case of a lifetime, their strategy, beliefs and relationship become tested in dramatic ways.
Starring Ioan Andrei Ionescu, Bogdan Nechifor and Remus Marginean. Directed by Nicolae Margineanu. Screenplay by Bogdan Adrian Toma. Produced by Ager Film Romania. Cinema release date: September 18th, 2018.


In his sixties, Vasile Carturan is facing a dramatic challenge: the news that he’s about to die in a matter of months due to an inoperable form of cancer. For the calm and balanced individual he’d always been, the matter wouldn’t have become a tremendous burden if it weren’t for his life responsibilities. Carturan is the sole provider for his 14 year old grandson with whom he shares a quiet life in a remote, ordinary village in Romania.
In the attempt to organize himself, Carturan starts prioritizing his necessities: finding a shelter for his grandson, selling the house, establishing a fund for the youngster and – since he’s got no living relatives – a religious memorial mass for his soul. These are things that take quite the time anywhere in the world and in Carturan’s neighborhood, much, much longer. An amount of time that Carturan does not have.
Starring Teodor Corban, Adrian Titieni and Dana Dogaru. Directed by Liviu Sandulescu. Screeplay by Bogdan Adrian Toma, Liviu Sandulescu. Produced by Mandragora Films Romania. Cinema release date: November 8th, 2019.


In 1918, the Greek-Catholic bishop Iuliu Hossu is brought by high political figures in front of the people to give reading to the Unity Statement of Transylvania to the kingdom of Romania. 32 years later, he finds himself thrown in jail with almost the same political figures, as well as a high number of Greek-Catholic priests. It’s 1950 and the Sighet Penitentiary has become an inhospitable housing for the priests deemed to be “enemies of the people.”
The objective of the torturers, lead by the NKVD-trained captain Horia Argesanu, is to terminate the Greek-Catholic faith. The Transylvanian priests are, in the view of the Bolshevik leaders, the last relics of a society considered conservative and reactionary. Upon them, a continuous pressure is made towards religious conversion and public statements repudiating the Catholic faith. Standing tall against these pressures, at first without consenting to this mission, eventually unwilling to give it up, is Iuliu Hossu. This movie features the stories of him and all his brothers in suffering.
Starring Radu Botar, Mircea Andreescu, Remus Marginean. Directed by Nicolae Margineanu. Screenplay by Bogdan Adrian Toma. Produced by The National Film Center and Ager Film Romania. Cinema release date: November 20th, 2019.