Bio (English)


BOGDAN ADRIAN TOMA was born in 1977 in the city of Hunedoara, Romania. He graduated the Theoretical High School “Iancu de Hunedoara” in 1995 and received a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 1999. In the year 2000 he received a Master’s degree (M.A) in History of Philosophy. Later on, in 2011, he would acquire a PhD in Philosophy with a dissertation on “The Sophistic School and its heritage in the Western Philosophy” (published in Romanian at Grinta Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca, ISBN: 973-126-493-6).

After moving to the United States of America, a relocation which occurred in 2004, he received an M.S in Written Communication at National Louis University in Chicago, Illinois in the year 2015. This was followed by an internship at the College of Lake Country, in Grayslake, IL, and eventually by the position of Adjunct Instructor in Philosophy, Ethics and Comparative Mythology at Wilbur Wright College, one of Chicago’s City Colleges, position still held at the current time.

He has made his literary debut in 1988 in the “Tribuna” magazine of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with poetry, and eventually he would sign a permanent rubric in the same magazine (The “Crisis” column), throughout the University and a few subsequent years (1997 – 2001).

In 2007 he published the novel “Nature-morte with angel” (Calauza Publishing House, Deva, Romania, ISBN: 978-606-517-027-8). The novel was critically well-received and it represented a sentimental, fragmentary radiography in the lives of a few protagonists that share a common love story. The complete, pathological devotion to the act of love will eventually lead to the contrary of the purpose of any love story, which is, in the case of this novel, the moral and physical degeneration of everyone involved.

In 2013 he won the grand prize of HBO Romania’s Original Script Competition, with the feature script titled “The reparation.” Between 2014 and 2018 he signed various contracts for future film productions.

2017 was the year of production of the feature film “Fals tratat de mântuire a sufletului / Soul’s redemption: A pocket guide” (IMDB:, following a script written by Bogdan Adrian Toma, the movie was produced by the Ager Film Studio and directed by Nicolae Margineanu. The movie had its cinematic release in the month of September, 2018.

At the end of 2018, after a significant delay from the start of the author’s collaboration with Mandragora Films, one of Romania’s bigger and most significant movie studios, was finalized the filming process of “Carturan” (IMDB:, the second feature film based on a script written by Bogdan Adrian Toma and co-authored by the movie’s director, Liviu Sandulescu.

The start of 2019 also marked the shooting debut of the third feature film based on an original script by the author. The film’s title is “Cardinalul / The Cardinal” (IMDB: and it is a biopic, dedicated to the life and personality of the Greek-Catholic Bishop Iuliu Hossu, participant at the re-unification of the Romanian lands in 1918 and jailed by the Communist regime 30 years later under the most inadequate and difficult conditions. The movie is supported by CNC – The Romanian National Center of Cinematography and produced by Ager Film Romania, under the direction of Nicolae Margineanu.